First we Connected the Bay, then took you into the depths of an Egyptian Relic, finishing you off with a climatic Amalgamation. The next step is Obsolescence.

SFR Planners presents: Obsoleet

Saturday, August 12th 2006

2x4s all night:

Bam vs. Marc(O)
[Evil Breaks] [Otherworld,Ill Behavior]

Drag'nfly vs. Calamity Jane
[Love Tribe,Shaolin,] [Wom SF,Ambient Mafia]

AndyW vs. Li
[Viberation, Resource Records, Wow] [Viberation]

[Origami, Shazbot, Cubik & Andrew Phelan - Monsta Music]

Yagi vs. Dj Aphelion
[OTC, HCFTP] [Clandestine]

Justin Hale vs. Chris Jackson
[Sticky] [Resource Records]

Superannuated binary walls of visuals by Viberation
4 stacks of steam-powered sound reinforcement by SWAT Sound
Defunct Decor by the SFR-Planners crew

Full bar for the 21+

10pm - 6 am
East Bay location
$10 tickets @ door
All ages.
(866) 240-3064