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SFRaves is an electronic virtual community of ravers, networking together around the clock, sharing information and ideas, and even planning our own parties. The mailing list started in 1992 and has over 2500 members from all parts of the community and all parts of the world (although the focus of the discussion is on San Francisco). Below is information about SFRaves itself as well as information about the entire San Francisco scene.
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A Brief History of SFRaves

1992: SFRaves Connects

  • 3.92 - SFRaves is born. Brian Behlendorf is the proud daddy. The address at the time is
  • 4.11.92 - Battle of the Juggernauts: Toon Town's UFO's are Real vs. the Gathering. Many SFRavers meet for the first time. I get my SFRaves button, now a collector's item :).
  • 5.2.92 - The first SFRaves picnic, over in the East Bay at Joaquin Miller Park.
  • 5.92 - SFRaves moves to
  • 7.92 - Plans begin for the first big SFRaves bash, planned for Bonny Doon.
  • 7.30.92 - After some prodding, Brian realizes "Connection" is a better name than "Conn-X-tion". Other rejected names: DeepByte, chmod u+x, Contact, Outernet.
  • 8.20.92 - Connection goes off in a big way at Bonny Doon Beach. Word eventually reaches the full moon massive, which hold a series of also-legendary parties there in the coming months.
  • 9.25.92 - SFR produces Alternity in the basement of 1015. We fear that the show "48 Hours" would film there, but they don't show.
  • 9.92 - SFRaves outgrows soda and is moved to (aka and
  • 11.92 - Brian discovers a "HUGE squarish open space" in the Berkeley Marina. The grass is never the same again.
  • 11.92 - vrave is born
  • 12.9.92 - first-known reference to "luv phasers". Niels refers to "ravers with...forehead mounted love-phasers...enforcing positive vibes"
Other highlights: Sundays in Marx Meadow, Full Moon parties, Come/Unity, Wicked, Woopy Ball, Osmosis, Housing Project, the Gathering, Deep Faith, Sharon, Equinox, Basics, Funky Tekno Tribe, New Year's Eve Gathering.


  • 1.93 - The SFRaves/socal-raves X-country ski trip in Yosemite. Dana ties my boom box to his backpack and we listen to Spun's tape while skiing the back country in Yosemite.
  • 2.2.93 - was supposed to be the last Come/Unity.
  • 3.13.93 - Connection 2 planned for a spot in northwest SF. Rain forces it into the Charter Oak warehouse, but it is busted partway into Scott Hardkiss's set. After some scrambling, and a regrouping at the Cala Foods, the party is moved to the Berkeley Marina and rewards the SFRavers who brave a light drizzle. Jon Drukman plays on one turntable for a while, leading into sets from Moonpup, Lee and Blurrrr. Bob Ramstad may still have tapes :)
  • 4.93 - The San Francisco community gets together to throw a benefit party for Malachy, who was seriously injured after the full moon party early in March.
  • summer '93 - the South Bay lunch begins. I think the first one was at Jing Jing in Palo Alto, then it is agreed that it works better as a bring-yr-food picnic in Greer Park.
  • 7.29.93 - I take over the SFR calendar from Brian.
  • 9.5.93 - Liquid Grooves at Crissy Field in San Francisco. This started a string of Liquid Air parties, leading up to the first Friends and Family at the Blue Cube. The original group of Liquid Air DJs included Ethan, Bryce, Tamara Palmer, Jon Drukman, Lee An, and Laura La Gassa.
  • 10.3.93 - Lee F., along with Ethan and Bryce throw Connection Earth, an SFR-sponsored party at Marx Meadows in Golden Gate Park.
Other highlights: Your Sisters' House, Boogie Buffet, Together, Zanzibar, Mission Rock, Groove Kitchen, MESS, Fluid Groove


  • 1.15.94 - the first Friends and Family goes off in the Blue Cube. Ethan, Bryce and the F&F collective pull it all together after learning the ropes with fluid groove and liquid air. Subsequent F&F's pack Klub Komotion with a hot & sweaty group of revelers.
  • 5.28.94 - Lee F. takes the lead in the SFR-organized party "In the Light" at the bandshell in Golden Gate Park.
  • 7.94 - Hyperreal comes up and SFR is moved to it.
Other highlights: Sunset, Pure Space, Organic

1995: SFR: Friends & Family

  • 3.95 - The SFR Calendar goes up on the web
  • 3.95 - Thanks to the Zippies, SFR has a record 1080 messages over the month.
  • 8.95 - Friends and Family outgrows Komotion and produces the first of two stellar parties in an Oakland warehouse. The F&F Collective grows to many dozen people. The first is so wildly successful that 600 tickets for the next F&F sell out in advance, in one weekend.
  • 9.16.95 - Net.ravers from across the country gather and celebrate Brian and Laura's wedding with a pre-party at Bonny Doon Beach. They are married the next day.
Other highlights: Sunset, Simply Done, the Gardening Club, Frequency 8, Area 51.

1999: SFR: Best Local Online Rave Resource


2000: SFR Keeps Going Till the End of the 20th Century

  • 3.00 - SFR 8 Years in the Mix - D.O.B. March 1992

2001: SFR Keep's On Thumpin Into the 21st Century

2002: SFRaves Celebrates its Decade Anniversary

  • SFR-P throws Amalagamation
  • 09.29.02 -


    A Decade of SFRaves !!! - FREE OUTDOOR PARTY in the Park !!!

    *** SFRaves History: SFRaves 10 Year Archives ****

    Bringing the SFR Community an unforgettable day in the Sun, to enjoy and celebrate a decade of Music, Dance, Friendship and experiences of SFRaves over the past 10 years. Experience the celebration through the expression of ecclectic sound, intriguing memoires and a diverse memorabilia of flyers, music, art and dance of spanning 1992 - 2002. Sound provided by Neuroscience Creations.

    Your lineup is as follows:

    This event is ALL AGES AND FREE!!! Free refreshments and snacks. 12pm-6pm @ the beautiful McLaren Amphitheater, in San Francisco, CA
    * Map and Directions:
    * Infolines: 415.564.4768 or 415.789.8236 ****

  • SFR Calendar is redesigned and a new Hyperreal/SFR interface for the calendar are launched.
  • SFRaves/Hyperreal Rave Interface includes

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