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Good Cause: Katrina Disaster Relief Benefit

Good Cause

Good Cause Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Benefit

Friday, October 7th, 2005 - Good Cause: Katrina Benefit

Brought to you by Evil Breaks, Karina, Get Yer Freak On, Mighty, Opel Productions, Seismic, Sister SF,, & Mighty, this event is a non-profit benefit for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief.

So please, come out and support a worthy cause and dance your ass off to some of the best music San Francisco has to offer.

A collaborative effort with many Special thanks to DJ Garth, DJ Tracy, Compression, Get Your Freak On, Grayhound, Evil Breaks, Hyperreal, Madame Mercury and Mad Wax/NYCBreaks, Mighty, Opel Productions, Pacific Sound, Rhythm Method, Seismic, SFBreaks,,
Simply Jeff, Sister SF, Sleeveless, Subscience, Thump Radio, Violence, DJ Jeno (Wicked), Psybertribe, Violence Recordings and all involved.

Located @ Mighty (119 Utah St.), San Francisco, CA
$5 presales available @

Link to purchase:

$10 @ the door

We would like to thank all the DJS and individuals who donated their time to ensure the success of this benefit. THANK YOU.

Main Room:

Simply Jeff (Phonomental/dj Culture/ - L.A.
Jeno (Wicked)
Madame Mercury (Mad Wax/ - NYC/SF
Garth (Grayhound)
Tracy ( Endup)
Galen (Pacific Sound)
Samira (Sister SF/Seismic)

2nd Room:

Dutch (Thump Radio)
Syd Gris (Opel Productions)
Laird (Get Yer Freak On)
Aaron Jae vs Bam (Evil Breaks/
Melyss (Sister SF/Opel Productions)
Murphstar (Seismic)

DnB Camo Bus (Street):

Gridlok (Project 51/Violence Recordings)
Echo (Violence Recordings)
Bicolas (Rhythm Method/Skills/
Les Femmes Fatale (Sleeveless/Compression)
the Hitmen - Cubehead & Kirill (Subscience)

Decor by Nick Pastor of /


10 Garth (Grayhound)
11 Galen (Pacific Sound)
12 Jeno (Wicked)
1 Tracy ( Endup)
2 Simply Jeff (Phonomental/dj Culture/ - L.A.
3 Madame Mercury (Mad Wax/ - NYC/SF
4 Samira (Sister SF/Seismic)

2nd Room:

10 Melyss (Sister SF/Opel Productions)
11 Murphstar (seismic)
12 Aaron Jae vs Bam (Evil Breaks/
1 Laird (get yer Freak on)
2 Syd Gris (opel Productions)
3 Dutch (Thump Radio)

DNB on the Camo Bus:

11 Femme Fatale (Sleeveless/Compression)
12 Echo - Violence Recordings
1 Gridlok - Project 51, Violence Recordings
2 Bicolas - Rhythm Method, Skills,
3 the Hitmen - Cubehead & Kirill (Subscience)

Decor by Nick Pastor /



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