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SFRaves is an electronic virtual community of ravers, networking together around the clock, sharing information and ideas, and even planning our own parties. The mailing list started in 1992 and has over 2500 members from all parts of the community and all parts of the world (although the focus of the discussion is on San Francisco). Below is information about SFRaves itself as well as information about the entire San Francisco scene.
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Radio/TV Shows


  • Sunday night midnight-1am - "Shortwave" - Electronic music in all of its guises. KALX, 90.7 FM (Berkeley)
  • Sunday night, 6pm - 7pm - "OOOOOOOOOOO" with DJ Keto. Deep house, live mix on KCSU 103.3 (Santa Clara). DJ Schedule
  • Sunday night, 8pm - 9pm - "Beatmassive" with DJ Brickhouse. House, Techno on KCSU 103.3 (Santa Clara). DJ Schedule All live mixing spinning house, breakbeat, and techno. Guest Dj's occasionaly. KSCU Santa Clara, 103.3 FM email:
  • Sunday night, 8pm - 12pm - "Thump Radio", Thump Radio on KUSF 90.3 FM
  • Sunday nights 8:30pm - 10:30pm - "The Metallic Blurp" - strictly drum and bass with KZSC, Santa Cruz 88.1FM. Webcast on KZSC Schedule.
  • Sunday night, 10:30pm - 12:30am - "Highway 604" with Aeon. Psy-trance - mixed by Aeon on KZSC, Santa Cruz 88.1FM. . Listen Online KZSC Schedule


  • Monday morning, 12am - PITCH-A-FIT subversive grooves & everything else with PVC. KPFA, 94.1 FM Program Schedule
  • Monday morning, 12am - 1am - "Shortwave". Music you can -- and cannot -- dance to. Jungle, techno, house, and other electronic music with beats (or not). KALX 90.7 FM, Berkeley. KALX Schedule
  • Monday, 10am - 2pm - "PROGRESS" with DJ One and One House, Trance, DnB, KSJS 90.5 KSJS Program Guide
  • Monday night, 10pm - 11pm - "OFF THE BEATEN PATH" breaks, beats & frequencies DJ Sep. KPFA, 94.1 FM Program Schedule
  • Monday, 12pm - 2pm - "Sound and Viberation" w/ DJ Dyer. Electronica and Post Rock on KSCU, 103.3 FM (Santa Clara) DJ Schedule
  • Monday, 3pm - 5:30 pm - "Disco Shawn" - energizes your radio with indie rock, punk, emo, hip-hop and the "techno" that the kids seem to like so much. KALX Schedule
  • Monday - Friday 10pm - 2am ''World House Groove'' on -- a LIVE show dedicated to these sounds of the underground..... Dj Kjel is your host and dj for the show incorporating the music styles of house, acid jazz, trance, trip hop, drum & bass, ambient, and the collages of variations in between....... also, guest djs drop by to tunes and there's a live chatroom to talk w/ the djs themselves ........... Listen & Watch World House Groove.
  • Monday night 9:30pm-midnight - "The Autobahn" w/dj Sutekh. Man and machine made music. KALX 90.7 (Berkeley)
  • Monday 12 til 4 - "Three*Sixty Radio". Beta Lounge.
  • Monday 3pm-6pm - "Big Love" with Jacki-O. Listen to Real Audio Streams of the Broadcast via our realaudio server at 90.1 FM KZSU Underground DJs from the Bay Area and beyond -- in the mix, every week, throwing down wicked beats. Main website: Schedule page: Audio stream: Video cam:
  • Monday night 5pm - 6pm "Life to a Beat" on KZSC 88.1 FM, Santa Cruz. Electronica to make you GET UP! KZSC Monday Station Schedule and Life to a Beat Show Information.
  • Monday night 9:30pm-midnight - "The Autobahn" w/dj Sutekh. Man and machine made music. KALX 90.7 (Berkeley) RealAudio at
  • Every Other Mon Nite, 10pm-Midnite: _*TeK-IndUced EuPHoriA*_ <<>> 90.3FM KDVS, Davis


  • Tuesday, 3:00pm - 6pm - "Disco Shawn" trance, jungle, techno, and big beat. Indie rock/punk/emo for all the rocker nerds. KALX 90.7 FM (Berkeley)
  • Tuesday night 6pm - 10pm - "THECOLLISION DIVISION" with The Auditory Processor Cheesy Trance. KSJS, 90.5, KSJS Program Guide
  • Tuesday night 9pm-11:00pm - "Conscious Groove" - ambientdowntempojunglehousetrancedrumnbasstriphop spun by weekly guest DJs. Hosted by Stephanie aka Miss fat slice. Free Radio Berkeley on the internet
  • Tuesday night 9pm-mid Pacific - "Trip Over Zero" with Benjie Feel the radio moving to the beat in your head. Slow down, get excited, drift asleep, dance around. Main website: Schedule page: Audio stream: Video cam:


  • Wednesday mornings, 12:30am - 3am, "Twilight Transmissions" with Johnny Nomad. Welcome to the technological nightmare empire, on KZSC Santa Cruz...88.1 fm* Industrial/dark techno.. Show Information
  • Wednesday afternoon, 12pm - 2pm - "Plastic Beats" with Helly. Electronica and Trip Hop on KSCU, 103.3 FM DJ Schedule
  • Wednesday afternoon, 3-6pm - "Gimme Some Sauce" on KZSU Stanford 90.1FM, hosted by Selena ( or online at Flamenco guitars, monk choirs, sitars, chimes, all to sweaty bumping beats and innuendo. Come do the downtempo nasty.
  • Every other Wednesday Night from 10pm - 12am - "Chemistry FM" - tune in every other weds. w/ kiyoshi 1 & digital equinox. featuring: underground electronic music w/ guest live dj's.... central coast reprezent'n!!! 90.9 FM
  • Wednesday 6pm-2am - radio M.U.T.A.N.T. - live experimental techno and dj's playing all styles of underground music. spaz
  • Wednesday 6:30 pm - AVA (AudioVisual Alliance) puts on a 2-hour weekly tv show in santa rosa, channel 72 covering the north bay underground rave scene. WARNING: some people complain that the show is too psychedelic for them... (707)568-7769 ava
  • Wednesday 3am-6am - "Nothing Short of Total War" w/Fathertime. Electronic musik of all kinds, interspersed with spoken word poetry and other various readings. KSCU 103.3 (Santa Clara/San Jose)
  • Wednesday evening, 6pm - 10pm, "House Invasion" with Lola Luv. Music and movie news invading the house and trance beats. Electronic KSJS 90.5 KSJS Program Guide House Invasion with hard house host Lola Luv giving it to you hard every week at 90.5 FM KSJS. It's all about underground house, some jungle and trance...depending on your requests. Guest DJ Reckless Ryan spinnin and scratchin progressive, funky, and disco house. Set your dial on 90.5 FM, or check us out live on the web at Contact Lola Luv at or for music, clubs, raves, upcoming Househeadz parties, or promotional info.
  • Wednesday night 9pm-11pm - free form music mix. KPFA 94.1 (Berkeley)
  • Wednesday night - "the Power of Sound" with Leslie. A 3 hour excursion into the best music from the regions where minds meet between the heavans and the earth. KAZU 90.3 (Monterey Bay Community Radio)


  • Thursday Morning, 9am-12noon - "An Epiphany of Sound" hosted by J.C. The best in beats to satiate your inner child. Electronic dance, noise, spoken word. An Epiphany of Sound ( (J.C.) J.C. and guest DJs drop beats for your booty. Live mixes and new discoveries can be heard every week. Main website: Schedule page: Audio stream: Video cam:
  • Thursday afternoon, 12noon - 3pm - "Poptronica" ( (Eric) Beat and break-beat-centric electronica.
  • "Late Night Luxembourg" hosted by a quartet of DJs known as DJ Ravenwolvz, DJ Matt E, DJ 42, and DJ Unkut spinning a continuous mix of Trance and House, Thursday mornings from 12am - 3am. Listen online @ KSUN internet radio at Sonoma State University, where underground is alive and well in the North Bay.
  • Thursday morning 12am - 3am - BeatMassive with Dj Brickhouse. All live mixing spinning house, breakbeat, and techno. Guest Dj's occasionaly. KSCU Santa Clara, 103.3 FM
  • Thursday morning 5am-7am - A postmodern Garrison Keillor on crack, DJ Boomerang Fidget spins hilarious tales of backwoods meth labs, urban decay and redneck ravers; all with a social conscience. Also, ambient & techno. Free Radio Berkeley 104.1 (Berkeley)
  • Thursday Morning 6am - 9am "BASSLINE FM" with Geno Giovanni DnB, Breaks, Garage & House, KZSU, 90.5
  • Thursday Morning, 8;30am - 11am - "Government Cheese w/Jon. Trip Hop and Eclectic Electronic on KSCU, 103.3 FM (Santa Clara) DJ Schedule
  • Thursday Morning 9:30am-Noon - DJ Souprock aka Megatron jungle/garage/hip-hop show on KALX 90.7 FM (Berkeley)
  • Thursday afternoon, 12:30 PM -3:00 PM "Mr. Pixel" Rock out... then take a breather with some electronica. Time traveling to the 80's and early 90's departs frequently. I'll tend to get lost in a movie and I'll usually make you shake your ass. Nothing is out though... it's a Pixel guarantee. KALX Program Schedule
  • Thursday afternoon, 4pm - 6pm, "Odie" Unedited Rock, Techno & 4:20 Break KSFS Program Guide
  • Thursday nights, 7pm - 10pm, "Stairs and Flowers" with Belladonna. A cyber stomp-y ebm, electro-industrial, ambient, noize-y darkness, filled soundtrack to your local favorite night-mare...Poisonous if taken in large doses. KFJC, 89.7 FM (Los Altos Hills)
  • Thursday 7pm-11pm - The Beta Lounge - Live on the net - electronic music and culture, worldwide.
  • Thursday Night, 9pm - Net-Television show, "FREQ" on the Online Network out of NYC. It is netcast live every Thursday at 9pm. You can check it out at
  • Thursday night - 9:00 PM - Midnight "DJ Rawman", Where the organic meets the electronic, from various points in space and time... KALX Program Schedule
  • Thursday 11:30 pm - AVA (AudioVisual Alliance) puts on a 2-hour weekly tv show in santa rosa, channel 72 covering the north bay underground rave scene. WARNING: some people complain that the show is too psychedelic for them... (707)568-7769 ava


  • Thursday Night/Friday Morning 12am-2am - AV Productions and Static Cling present "Compression Radio" with djs: Wain, J-Bot, Tecni. KRCB 91.1FM (Santa Rosa)
  • Friday Morning, 12am - 2am "Adrenaline" with DJ Denari on Rock on KSCU, 103.3 FM (Santa Clara) DJ Schedule
  • Friday 12pm-2pm - "Samurai Radio" with Yo, Yoko & Kit Any kind of Japanese hot and cool music such as Rock, Pop, Punk, Hip-Hop, Reagee, R&B, Electronica and more... KSFS Program Guide
  • Friday 12pm-4pm - weekly DJ netcasts. x-radio.
  • Friday 3pm-6pm - free form music mix. KUSF 90.3 (SF) (also available on Realaudio
  • Friday 5pm-6pm - "Needle Damage" with Brian Bostwick, Techno. KSFS Program Guide
  • Friday 6pm-10pm - "House Fusion Thursdays" Omega & DJ Felipe. Past Guests: Arturo Garces(Funky Tekno Tribe), Shubert(dub L vision, Feelgood ent) RkTech(Clockwork Events) Future Guests: Frank Nitty(Ghostribe), Kevin Kind(Feel Good Ent), Kwashi, Donald Glaude and/or Tony(Funky Tekno Tribe) House Music!
  • Friday 7pm-8pm - "The Lounge" with Eric Riviello - Techno. KSFS Program Guide
  • Fridays 9pm-midnight - Andrew from Groove Merchant spins on KUSF 90.3 (SF)
  • Friday night/Saturday morning - midnight-noon. House/techno mix with Johnny K, Ozone & guests - KCSS 91.9 Central Valley (Turlock)
  • Friday night - Moondance. Ambient; 3am-7:30am, KUSF 90.3 SF.
  • Friday Nights 1-4am, "RADIOACTIVE" on Z95.7 David Garcia, Joey Mazzola, DJ doubt, and specials guest from everywhere so far we have hosted the likes of Charles feelgood, Richard Vission, Bad Boy Bill, and some upcoming guests include Hector Cardenas (funky tekno), Tony (sf), RKTech (sf), Jonene, Ghost and many many more. Check it Out Live on the Web


  • sthenic is a live streaming audio website (MP3) broadcast out of the Cateau Co-op in Berkeley. Broadcasts are usually weekends during the day. Archives
  • Saturday morning - 12:30am-3am - "Under a Groove" with DJ CK featuring the deepest house grooves, downtempo cuts, and melodic drum and bass tunes. KZSC 88.1 FM, Santa Cruz.
  • Saturday afternoon - 12noon - 2pm "Electronic Hi-Jynks" with / Scrawny. Mixed electronic on KCSU 103.3 FM (Santa Clara) DJ Schedule
  • Saturday afternoon, 12pm - 3pm "Rucker Park" with Trinity Come to Rucker Park for blissful beats and satisfying breaks. Old school jams and sounds from the future. Hip hop, electronica, pop, jazz, country and more!
  • Saturday afternoon - 2pm "G2 Radio" - Tune in & Plug into G2 Radio. The radio show dedicated to house music keeping the underground flava alive in San Francisco! Join your djz Lady G-Funk & Galen every Sat. afternoon @ 2pm on KUSF 90.3 fm
  • Saturday afternoon - "Future Breaks" w/ Dj's PUSH, Arc Angel Gabe Real with Miss E. 3pm-5pm, 90.3
  • Saturday night 11pm - Flux Television, Viacom Channel 53 - Ambient, acid jazz and house music videos & interviews. (415) 281-3377.
  • (every other) Saturday night 10p-12:30a - "1984" w/DJ Richtoffen. House, Trance and German rave. 90.1 (Chico)
  • Saturday night, 9pm - 2am, "Thump Radio" on Alice 97.3 FM- SAN FRANCISCO- Hector Romero - David Coleman & Sen-Sei, Didje Kelli - Julius Papp - Isaiah Martin Radio Alice and Thump Radio
  • Friday Night/Saturday Morning 1am-4am - "House Nation" on WiLD 94.9 The Bay Area's top rated underground House show. Hosted and featuring mixes by St. John (Coolworld, Mercury) Residents DJ's DJ Hope (Mercury), Jammin' J and Greg Lopez. Featuring guest appearances DJ Ghost (Ghostribe), Double Impact (Chicago) and others.
  • Saturday night - "Subsonic". 12am-4am, hosted by Aaron Axelsen KITS 105.3 SF. Four hours of futurism: trance, house, jungle, big beats, funky breaks, and new rock remixes.
  • Ambiance Magazine - 9:30p weds-sun PNC Cable 2 (Modesto & Oakdale), 9p fri & sat, marcus cable ch 9 (ceres & turlock).
  • Saturday night/Sunday morning - 10pm - 3am, Aaron Axelson, Live 105.3

Internet Electronica Radio

  • - Trance, techno,breaks,ambient, house and Hardcore.
  • ::: Nautic Underground - Live from parties and our studio.
  • Arizona Underground Radio - BrainKast is a collective effort to digitize and promote Arizona's music scene via internet radio.
  • BassDrive - 24x7 Drum'n'Bass Internet radio station. 128K, 56K and 24K streams of phreshest dnb and jungle. Live DJ shows every sunday.
  • Beat Audio - 24 hour a day high band width dance music stream. House, trance, progressive techno, vocal, jazzy, club and drum and bass.
  • BOUPS RADIO - Drum 'n' Bass Broadcast - Drum'n'bass Netcast from Belgium with live mix sets at night.
  • DJs,electronic music, streaming audio and the surrounding culture
  • East Coast Happy Radio - Featuring HOURS of continuously mixed DJ sets in Real Audio.
  • Gaia Live
  • Groove Radio - Future rhythms transmitting live 24_7 / A full-service radio-style webcaster and electronicmusic community featuring live jocks, superstar mixes, downloads and daily news.
  • GrooveRince - Netstation Based in Toronto Canada offering various styles of Dance Music.
  • Groovetech - Radio station based in Seattle, WA with live broadcasts and many archives.
  • Influence Recordings Playstation - 6- 1200's 6 cameras, and 2 cd players. these guys are from San Fran, and they get guest apearances from you favorite djs.
  • Interface Pirate Radio
  • MysteryFM Internet Radio Station - MysteryFM Internet Radio Station. Your Favorite No.1 Dutch Internet Radio Station.
  • - Los Angeles Based DJ Collective Bradcasting Live.
  • Radio Free Internet - One World One Radio is what you'll find through 12 channels.
  • RadioPlus Belgium - Only club-techno and club-house hits. Belgium Radio.
  • Tempo FM's PartyZone
  • SomaFM -A commercial free listener supported internet radio station, we've been on the air since 1999. We're most famous for our ambient/downtempo programming but we have 9 separate channels now. We also broadcast on the air with a "virtual chill room" at some outdoor parties, as well as every year at Burning Man on 102.3 FM. - Trance, house, techno, club and dance music beatmixed by Jimmy Degreef. Realplayer/Windows Media Player @ dialup and broadband connection speeds.

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